Friday 17 April 2009

Bird pics from Israel (March April) 2009 waders and waterbirds

Slender billed gull

White-winged black - one individual at km20

Caspian tern

Greater flamingo in splendid cololur

Terek sandpiper - we found two individuals at the Bird Park, Eilat

Marsh sandpiper - commoner than redshank

Wood sandpiper

Common sandpiper

Little stints

Temminck's stint - we found 4 individuals at Ma'agan Michael

Avocet - very familiar

Black tailed godwit

Greater sandplover - commonly seen at km20

Little ringed plover

Kentish plover
- the rufous capped males kept a distance.

Spur-winged plover - 'vocal and noisy' as the Collins Guide puts in.

Great white egret in the process of catching a fish.

Cattle egret


Stone curlew - almost the last bird we saw on the trip. This individual was found at Ma'agan Michael.

Purple heron - stunning birds!

Squacco heron - these birds suddenly appear in a flash of white wings, otherwise they can be remarkably cryptic and hard to see (except when they are standing on agricultural machinery).

Night heron - a few seen in the south, large numbers at Ma'agan Michael, in the north.

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