Thursday 8 May 2014

River Warbler and Olive Tree Warbler

The drought finished this week, both literally and figuratively. A lot of very unseasonable rain last night did wonders for the Sde Boqer nets (opened courtesy of Darren Burns). Nine warbler species today - Barred, Garden, Whitethroat, Lesser Whitethroat, Blackcap, Reed, Oliveaceous, Willow, Olive Tree. Yesterday though, my personal drought of River Warblers finally broke with this lovely individual. I've missed this species's migration every year since being here so this was a special moment for me.

In the hand the classic Locustella whitish outer web on the outer primary is very obvious, as is the curved wing edge.

Love the undertail coverts.


Textbook mottling on throat extending to lower breast.

Two Olive Tree Warblers this morning. This is the less rain bedraggled of the two. Really nice birds and only three or four come through here in a season. Wing panel and bill are so distinctive!

Difficult to age and sex this Barred Warbler - 1st year male or adult female?

Ditto this Golden Oriole.

This one is a bit easier.

Huge numbers of these Rufous Bush Robins in the south and it's good to see them here.

All photos taken with my mobile phone.

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