Saturday 30 September 2017

Nir Oz and Besor updates

Suddenly migration has picked up tempo and birds are everywhere. Here're a few pics of some of the local birds. Starting in reverse chronology, this morning's walk with Suki turned up some stunning Red-footed Falcons.

I was moving around the tree to try and get a better angle when I heard the angry calls of the local Hoodies. Looked up and the falcon was coming by me fast before it flew off across the fields.

Shrikes there are aplenty. Huge numbers of Red-backed. A few adults

 but mostly juveniles.

A long staying Lesser Grey Shrike - this bird has been on the same wire for nearly two weeks. I tried getting photos from the car but every time I stopped it flew off. Yesterday I simply walked up underneath it and it didn't seem to care.

Redstarts passing through - very pretty birds.
As usual, large numbers of Spotted Flycatchers,
as well as quite a few (rather pale) Whinchats.

Checked out the puddle at Besor yesterday morning. Impressed by the numbers of Bluethroats - here're some photos of two of the most confiding ones.

Several Grey Herons but, strangely, no Purple Herons.

Many Kingfishers - once again, reasonably confiding.

A very frustrating Little Crake that kept its head behind the vegetation while the rest of it was in the open. 

A Little Ringed Plover,
 and a young Roller still not as colourful as its parents.

Finally some bad news - found this injured juvenile Little Bittern. It doesn't seem able to use it's legs or wings so possibly it was hit by a car. I'll take it to the vet tomorrow and see what the situation is but I suspect it'll be a one-way trip for it. Such a shame.

Friday 22 September 2017

Nir Oz updates

It's been a quiet late summer/early autumn for me. Not much birding done at all. Lesser-grey Shrikes came through on schedule but this year were even warier than usual and wouldn't allow any approach with a camera. Ditto Golden Orioles - yesterday I saw three flitting about the tree tops as I got into my car. They flew off as soon as I raised my camera.... Good numbers of juv Red-backed Shrikes through too and a group of Arabian Babblers in the area made a nice note. Yesterday also brought some excitement with a great Eleonora's Falcon (third seen around the kibbutz in the six years we've lived here) seen as I walked my dog around the fields. I went back later with my camera and got a couple of pics of a falcon that shot out of the trees and flew off against the light.

I thought this was the bird but on closer inspection found it to be a male Red-footed Falcon.

There are a smattering of Levant Sparrowhawks around. Ever wary (the local Hooded Crows and Jays keep them from being too comfortable), but occasionally one appreciates my stalking efforts and sits still enough for a photo or two.

And the ever photogenic Black-eared Wheatear.

Finally, so many Bee-eaters around - these were resting on the ground near some bee hives - too full to fly?

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