Friday 17 April 2009

Bird pics from Israel (March April) 2009 desert and semi-desert birds

Fat sand rat - a type of gerbil that lives off (and burrows under) the roots of salt bush.

Black bellied sandgrouse, Arad.

Chukar walking - with attitude - across carpark in Mitze Ramon

Namaqua dove - female and male at Yotvata

Pale rock martin on nest

Crested lark - numerous and widespread

Desert lark

Bimaculated lark - record shot of a fantastic bird.

White crowned wheatear - a true desert bird.


Black-eared wheatear

Isabelline wheatear

Arabian babbler - some individuals are incredibly confiding and approach to within 1 m.

Tristram's grackles - red wing flashes and a distinctive, fluting call

Raven at Nizzana

Brown-necked raven - a common sight around the Dead Sea

Fantailed raven (poor pic but inlcuded for completeness)

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