Friday 17 April 2009

Bird pics from Israel (March April) 2009 warblers

Clamorous reed warbler - numerous in reed beds, easily identified by song.

Eastern Bonelli's warbler at IRBC Bird Park, Eilat, very common on passage. Most individuals looked very grey buy were instantly recognisable by the wing panel.

Ruppell's warblers - female below,

followed by the males. They are superbly photgenic but were a lot harder to photograph than the females as they tended to keep to the middle of the bushes. Holland Park, just on the outskirts of Eilat was full of them. The white forehead is pollen.

One of the vast numbers of blackcaps travelling through. Nearly every bush had either a blackcap or a lesser whitethroat in it - from Eilat to Mt Hermon.

Lesser whitethroat in
in the 'shesek' tree in my parents-in-law's garden.

Dappled sunlight (+ chiffchaff) in the 'shesek' tree.

Whitethroat stocking up.

Olivaceous warbler in scrub on edge of southern circular field, Yotvata (truly a great birding location).

Orphean warbler - another very common migrant.

Graceful prinia - distinctive rattling call

This Cetti's warbler is here to illustrate that taking photos of birds can be frustrating. I had fantastic views of Cetti's warblers here but time and again, as soon as I put down binoculars and picked up the camera the bird moved or flew. Next time . . . . .

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