Friday, 7 October 2016

Hungry shrike and Great Reed Warbler

This area of the Besor river is definitely my new patch. Spotted Crake, Jack Snipe and Water Rail were good to see. It seems to hold fewer species than the old reservoir but the difference is that, with some patience, the birds lose their shyness and present some great views. Take this juvenile Red-backed Shrike for example,

 And this Great Reed Warbler.

This Willow Warbler gave me a bit of shock. I'm pretty sure it's acredula ssp. but when I first saw it the bright white supercilium, white underparts and grey upperpart tones suggested the much rarer yakutensis ssp. from southern Siberia.

Looked larger than a WW and the jizz was wrong.

It had a good wash and preen before flying off through the bushes to feed.

 Today's new duck was a single Ferruginous with some Teal.

I haven't really explored upstream towards Park Eshkol yet but the habitat looks great for migrants and residents alike.

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