Friday, 11 September 2015

Ortolan buntings, Rollers etc

Saw a couple of Levant Sparrowhawks yesterday evening so got up early to see if any more were around. No luck but a young Golden Oriole gave good views and I found a small flock of five Ortolan Buntings. Amazingly, this is a Nir Oz patch tick (154, same as for Besor Reservoir). For some reason this common migrant doesn't move through this area, not in large numbers anyway.

The photos above were with the Nikon plus Sigma 150-500. The ones below were with the Canon SX50. This time I prefer the Nikon pictures. However, I noticed that the Nikon disturbs birds (bigger 'eye', noisier) and carrying it around is, quite frankly, a pain, but often the image quality is better and it is so nice to use a proper viewfinder, not an EVF. The ease of use, quietness, reach and portability means that the Canon is my every day camera. Each camera has its strengths and I'd be loathe to have to choose between them.

Northern Wheater - one of a large number on the fields now. This bird was disturbed by me taking photos with the Nikon - it was unperturbed until I took this photo but flew off before I could get another shot. I suspect the whirr of image stabilisation motors and shutter clunk did the trick.

This evening produced three Golden Orioles, one Red-backed Shrike and one Wryneck in the trees around my house - quality birds!

Nice couple of Roller yesterday, on my way to work. The local ones left weeks ago so these must be northern birds moving through. This is a young bird - very much duller than an adult.

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