Tuesday 15 September 2015

Montagu's Harrier (but better views)

Now this is a Montagu's Harrier! So much better views than the one last week in the dust cloud. This adult male was above the road back from Besor Reservoir this morning. What a beauty!

The water level in the reservoir is now so low that there are large areas of mud. Great for Temminck's Stint (patch tick),

Marsh Sandpiper, Ringed Plover etc but a lot of the herons and egrets have gone. Yesterday I saw two Spotted Crakes and a Water Rail but didn't manage any photos worth the name. This morning was crakeless but there are now two Water Rails.

The Purple Swamphens are out in force - this is one of three around this small patch of water.

Can't really see the obvious green on the back that our local subspecies has. Trick of the light or the European nominate? 

Snipe have always intrigued me and this one is no exception. Looks like it has Great Snipe type spotting on the covert tips, forming bars.

Nice Wryneck by the car park on the way out.

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