Friday, 7 August 2015

Local updates

It's the end of summer. The Rollers went south sometime during the week - they were around last Friday but no sign of them, or even any Bee-eaters at all today (but see below for a Blue-cheeked update). The first Snipe of the autumn was flying around the reservoir and the first Swifts have joined the Pallid Swifts. Several House and Sand Martins flying around. The juvenile Purple Heron is still here.

Lots of Rufous Bush-robin family groups around. They'll be going soon.

The Purple Swamphens are less cautious now and this one was 'openly' feeding with two chicks.
I saw the adult feeding in the same place this morning but this time with only one chick.

This bird looks like a juvenile from last year - paler colours and some greyish feathers extending down from the chest to underparts.

A fine adult.

A couple of marsh terns were fishing last week - one each of Whiskered

and White-winged. Very nice to see the summer plumage (they are really quite difficult to photograph with the SX50).

After the reservoir I went to check in on the Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters. I heard them distantly calling but soon found them. There are at least two family groups here and I really cannot believe that they are migrants from breeding sites elsewhere. I had the most amazing views this morning - I waited quietly in the shade under a tree and for a minute three of the beauties flew around the tree within a few metres of me. When I moved for my camera they spooked and flew off to a more usual 70-100 m distance.

(such a shame that neither of them is in focus!)

Always happy to show off the good side of the Canon SX50 - this photo is uncropped, hand held at 100x.

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