Sunday 19 July 2015

White-throated Robin (update)

A quick update - the Irania is still in the park so I tried for some better/sharper photos. The first set are from the Canon SX50.

(If you just caught a flash of that in the undergrowth what would you think?)

And the ones below from the Nikon + Sigma 150-500.


It continues to be an amazing and unpredictable summer here. A male White-throated Robin turned up in Ben Gurion's Grave Park, Sde Boker (excellent find last Thursday by Harel Caduri). These stunning birds are rare here at the best of times, and particularly so in autumn and even more so outside the Arava. After an anxious weekend and a 20 minute search this morning I saw the bird hopping around in the shadows. It then disappeared completely only to reappear a few minutes later and start to feed out in the open. Irania gutturalis - what a bird!

This is a very early record for a migrant - possibly the earliest.

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