Friday 24 May 2019

Honey Buzzards and Great Snipe (still there)

Besor Reservoir again this morning. I wasn't expecting to see the Great Snipe again but it was in exactly the same place as last week. This time, when flushed, it went to ground behind some dense vegetation and I couldn't relocate it.

Today's special was a flock of about 50 Honey Buzzards coming in to drink. Incredible birds. I usually see one or two around here each Spring but these numbers are really special.

17 Pin-tailed Sandgrouse (3 separate flocks) was an additional bonus.
Other birds included a single Little Bittern, Red-backed Shrike (first I've seen here this year), Great Egret, Purple and Grey Heron, five Night-herons, lots of Squacco Herons, Greenshank, 25+ Ruff. I could have stayed for longer but it was getting ferociously hot and by 09:30 the temperature had risen to 36 C - time to leave the birds and beat a retreat.

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