Saturday 29 September 2018

Local updates - Honey Buzzards etc

Not as much birding done as I'd like - more or less confined to barracks but there have been some nice birds locally.

These from the past few days. First off this young Namaqua Dove - a patch tick. I see them as close as Besor (about 15 km away) but this is the first I've seen around Nir Oz.
Golden Oriole. Always great to see as they are elusive birds that don't spend much time perched out in the open. The Spring and Autumn passage always brings a few to the kibbutz.
A couple of Honey Buzzards this morning. Unusual in that I don't see many in this area. Ones and twos only.

The first Peregrine of the season went through a day or two ago but it didn't stay around for a photo op. Yellow Wagtails

and Whinchats are moving through in healthy numbers. Less so with the warblers - only the common Willows, Blackcaps and Lesser Whitethroats so far. Finally, the good passage of Red-backed Shrikes continues.

So, nothing too much out of the ordinary but some locally interesting ones.

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