Friday 13 April 2018

Baillon's Crakes

Been a couple of weeks since I checked Besor reservoir. Lots of water, lots of insects and lots of birds. Started with a couple of Ortolan, a couple of newly arrived Rufous Bush Robins, a pair of Roller displaying and checking out nest holes. Bee-eaters aplenty and masses of Blackcaps. The reed beds were teeming with Reed Warblers. Noticed a movement in the vegetation at the water's edge - Baillon's Crake! Very skulking, didn't come out into the light for a decent photo.

 Super cryptic in the shade!

This and another bird shared this patch and I found a third Baillon's a little further along the water line. A fourth crake turned out to be a Little Crake but no sign of a Spotted Crake to complete the trinity.
The pair of Ferruginous Duck were present as was this Black-tailed Godwit - a nice surprise for this site and I cannot remember the last time I saw one here.
 Four Flamingo in the centre of the reservoir (three in view).
 And a third Rufous Bush Robin singing by the car park on my way out.
 Very few raptors around - a single Osprey and a single Marsh Harrier were the only ones of note.

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