Sunday 23 October 2016


What an amazing morning's birding! That mystery snipe brought me back to the Jackdaw Colony after a friend said that she thought she saw a Great Snipe. Certainly, it behaves like a GS inlcuding flushing from under one's feet with audible wingbeats, no flight calls and going to ground very quickly. However, I would like some plumage details on this most frustrating bird. I reached the end of the stream having flushed the snipe once and, as usual, not relocated it. My attention was diverted by several Great Spotted Eagles

and this distinctive shape flying along the top of the wadi . . . . Bateleur!

No question of id with this bird.

This could be same bird as last year's long stayer. Or not. Whatever its provenance it was one of those extraordinary birding moments.

I found another Moustached Warbler in addition to this little beauty.

Incredible plumage!

Crakes and Rails remain in place. Bluethroats are becoming more numerous.

And the myriad Kingfishers show no signs of moving on.

Many Marsh Harriers around too.

Once again, this area has proved itself to be full of delightful surprises. THIS is what patch watching is all about!

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