Friday 5 February 2016

Rough-legged Buzzard and Bateleur

Went for an out-and-out twitch today - Israel's third ever Rough-legged Buzzard. It was more successful than I had hoped. The buzzard was visible straight away and provided fantastic views as it hunted over the hillside, People had seen the Bateleur (very long staying now) earlier in the morning and it reappeared over some distant woods - instantly identifiable silhouette and flight pattern - and hunted ever nearer to us, eventually passing very close by. A Great Spotted Eagle made a slow pass over us making three quality birds in about twenty minutes. A real pity that this quality is not reflected in the photos I took. Below, the best of a very shabby set.

The buzzard,

the Bateleur,

and the other eagle.

The Rough-legged Buzzard attracted a lot of birders from all over the country and it was great to meet up with friends from north and south.

On the way home, near Re'im, a Black-shouldered Kite flew across the road - they are almost common now!

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