Saturday 21 November 2015

Arava trip16-20 November - some photos

Trip report later but here are a few photos of some of the birds we saw.

Kentish Plover - k20 pools,

one of many Siberian Stonechats at Yotvata south circular field,

Eilat north beach - Great Egret and Western Reef Egret (black morph),

Western Reef Egret (juv with just a few black streaks - more visible in flight),

Sinai Rosefinchs on the cliffs at Amram's Pillars,

Sinai Rosefinch feeding,

(back to Yotvata) Richard's Pipit,

also at Yotvata - Indian Silverbill,

a bit further north at Iddan sewage ponds - Whiskered Tern,

and Crowned Sandgrouse.

  Blue Rockthrush at Yahel, blackish against the sky,

silvery under?

and a Blackstart - very pretty birds.

back up north to Iddan for more Crowned Sandgrouse,

and some Cranes flying over,

after the cranes the Crowned Sandgrouse landed and allowed some close-ups,

finally a Desert Grey Shrike singing.

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