Sunday 25 October 2015

Pelicans and sandgrouse

Surprisingly quiet days here. Very little of interest at Besor Resrvoir except for these Pelicans last week.

About a dozen birds on the reedy bit but the upper reservoir held a huge flock - possibly 100+ all told.

Clocks went back yesterday which meant that I passed Revivim an hour later than usual. I had ten minutes to spare so stopped at the sewage ponds for a quick check. Not much around but I was delighted to see a flock of sandgrouse fly in. I love sandgrouse - they are wonderful desert birds, both cryptic and colourful and even the 'common' ones are under threat. This flock was mainly Black-bellied but included a smattering of Spotted as well.

 Black-bellied with a nicely obvious Spotted.

Seven Spotteds.

Sandgrouse stick fairly closely to morning drinking times so I guess that I've been an hour too late for them all this (very hot and dry) summer. The clear skies here have been replaced with thick rain cloud. Not so good for me but presumably better for these birds - they won't be reliant on sewage ponds for water.

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