Sunday 27 September 2015

Little Crake

A juv Little Crake today at Besor. It was a difficult bird to get good views of - the Spotted Crake kept chasing it off.

(terrible light and the distance didn't help these 'blird' pics)

A little better.

Preening Spotted Crake.
   Not sure what's what here.

That's better.

One of a pair of Water Rails - like the crake, it saw off any intruders including the other Water Rail.

A late Rufous Bush-robin posed nicely for a few seconds before flitting off. Probably the last one I'll see until the Spring.

Several Levant Sparrowhawk individuals around - no kettles or large flocks today but many ones, twos and threes. There were not too many other raptors around today but I did get good views of this dark phase Booted Eagle - the 'landing lights' are very clear.

A pair of Hobby on the Urim fields on the way home - I'm looking forward to raptor season!

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