Tuesday 4 November 2014


Heavy rains last night and this morning brought down a lot of birds. The Sde Boqer nets (Darren Burns) were full of Chiffchaffs (45 out of 88 birds today) but star of the show was this stunning female Hawfinch. Lots around this year (at least five on the kibbutz) especially in the north. I really like these birds.

I was warned to be careful of the beak - Hawfinches make light work of cherry stones - this one gave me an exploratory bite on the thumb but shrikes are worse, a lot worse.

I haven't had the chance to really see the plumage details on Hawfinches - at best I've had good views while they are at the top of a tree and I'm at the bottom. One in the hand is something special!
Amazing, iridescent flight feathers,
and such an odd shape. Display feathers or some aerodynamic accoutrement?

The Eastern Imperial Eagle is back by the road running from the kibbutz to Ma'on junction. I look forward to trying to grab a few pics - it's nearly adult and looking very fine.

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