Saturday 28 September 2013

Lanner Falcon

I've been seeing a Lanner/Saker falcon around the southern fields for a couple of weeks now. It always kept a discrete distance and avoided positive id until yesterday. I was standing in the shade of some trees sorting through the myriad Willow Warblers when suddenly every passerine disappeared into the thickest of the undergrowth. This is the reason . . .

. . . an impressive juvenile Lanner Falcon. Not sure whether this individual is ssp. erlangeri or tanypterus or a mix of both. To me it looks closer to the former.

Whatever the ssp, it's a great bird to see.

Apropos of confusing ssp - this Yellow Wagtail has me totally confused with its yellow spot behind the eye. Flavissima x cinerocapilla hybrid? Answers on a postcard please.

No field walk around here is complete without Short-toed Eagles - this one providing stunning views.

Hopefully the presence of a large falcon here augurs well for a good raptor winter.

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