Wednesday 9 May 2012

Olive-tree Warbler

I went round the nets today at Sde Boker with Elon (JBO) and was taking a Garden Warbler out of a net when he called me over. So, forget all my 'probables' and 'possibles'. THIS is an Olive-tree Warbler . . .

Very strong bill, wing panel, white outers to the outer tail feathers. Fantastic! With thanks to the ringing team - Elon, Darren and Anton.

Another Rufous Bush-robin, very photogenic in the dappled shade.

Apropos of dappled shade, a Garden Warbler (one of many passing through today) setting the bar for being dappled.

This Pied Flycatcher was in exactly the same place as the earlier Collared and Semi-collareds I've seen just outside the lab (plenty of Spotteds around - now waiting for a Red-breasted to complete the series). This one is sporting a faint second wing bar indicating winter plumage. Seems a bit late for that but the brown primaries do suggest Pied rather than anything else.

And finally, a couple of Whiskered Terns were hawking over the sewage ponds at Revivim on the way home.

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