Wednesday 28 March 2012

Pied Wheatear

There's a small, nondescript wadi that runs at the back of Sde Boker cemetery. It has been very worthwhile walking along it as it seems to attract a lot of birds - many warblers including Rupell's and Orphean, Ehrenberg's Redstart to name but a few. And of course, lots of wheatears (Black-eared, Northern, Isabelline). This one in particular stood out from the crowd. There's been a bit of discussion about the current Pied/Cyprus wave that's coming through at the moment and there's no doubt that care needs to be taken in identifying them. I'm confident that the photos below show a Pied Wheatear but all comments are welcome.
For me, the tail pattern - wider at the outer tail and almost broken at t3, t4 - nails it. One from the top,
 and one from underneath.

Lunchtime birding at Sde Boker often turns up a surprise. Another exciting wheatear - Cyprus! Such a shame that wire is in the way.

 Note the terminal tail band is solid.

Also through was my first Ortolan of the season. Lovely bird.
Still many Cretzschmar's around.
A distant European Cuckoo flew past as a final treat before going back to the lab.

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