Thursday 9 February 2012

Spring is here

Spring is in the air - the woodpeckers are drumming. A few days ago (04.02.2012) I visited the large reservoir near Deqel. No birds at all on the water but the air was alive with the calls of Cranes. Over to the east were about 350-400 of them. Quite a sight!

A Long-legged Buzzard and Brown-necked Raven were the only other birds of interest as the track was being heavily used by 4x4s, moto-cross bikes and quad bikes. 

The REAL sign of Spring came the following week. After a quick check of the Urim power lines (3 Eastern Imperial Eagles, Peregrine, Cranes, Skylarks) I drove Ze'elim and had a short drive down the Ha Besor route to the Besor Reservoir. Over the water were more than a dozen Pallid Swifts. Lovely birds.

Taking decent photos of Swifts demands patience, skill and some expensive kit. I lack all of these but one day, one day . . . .

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