Thursday 17 November 2011

Sociable Plover

My belief that the Nir Oz fields would host Sociable Plover proved correct this morning. Israel is a key wintering site for this highly threatened species that breeds in Kazakhstan and Southern Russia. Urim, 15 km south of here, is the traditional place to see them but I was delighted to find two individuals here.

Another exciting find - just after the plovers. The two images below are of Water Pipit (Anthus spinoletta). This is the race I'm used to seeing in Northern Europe. It is much less common here although probably overlooked. (With thanks to Yoav Perlman ( for his comments)

 Water pipit (Anthus spinoletta coutellii). This is the Middle Eastern race.

A single and rather late Yellow Wagtail made an appearance by the field edge. One wing appears damaged so it may stay for a while.

Grey Wagtails, Red-throated Pipits, Greenfinches, Chaffinches and Goldfinches completed the passerine list for this spot.

As with Goldfinches, sometimes the common birds are the best looking. This fine Northern Wheatear is such an example, concentrating more on the nearby Hen Harrier than me.

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