Wednesday 3 September 2008

A few photos of some birds I saw in NE Queensland

I spent 17th to 27th August in Cairns, ostensibly for a conference, but I managed to pack a few hours of birding in too. Cairns foreshore lived up to its well-deserved name as a wader hotspot. I also hired a car for a couple of days and managed a whistle-stop tour of Atherton Tablelands (thanks Alan) and the dryland area just to the N - Lake Mitchell and environs (thanks John) . These are field shots of a few of the 150+ species I saw.

I packed the Fieldguide to Australian Birds (Morecombe. Steve Parish Publishing Pty Ltd). I found it to be a very useful and extremely well designed fieldguide. I know it has its detractors but every bird I saw was easily found and id'd in this guide. Recommended.

The photos below were all taken with a Nikon D80 + Sigma 150-500. I'm still getting used to bird photography so I make no apologies for the poor quality of some of the pics.

Note: these are arranged alphabetically

Australian black duck

Australian bustard

Australian hobby

Australian oystercatcher

Australian pelican

Black-fronted dotterel

Beach stone curlew

Black butcherbird

Black faced cuckoo-shrike

Brahminny kite

Brown falcon

Black shouldered kite

Bush stone curlew

Caspian tern (Grey tailed tattlers and Eastern curlew)

Crested pigeon

Crested tern (acrobatic!) with Gull-billed terns and Silver gulls

Curlew sandpiper



Forest kingfisher

Great bowerbird and blue-faced honeyeaters

Great egret

Great knot and Sharp-tailed sandpipers

Grey fantail

Gull-billed tern


Laughing kookaburra

Little egret

Little shrike-thrush

Magpie lark

Mangrove robin (bad light)

Mistletoe bird

Orange-footed scrubfowl


Pale yellow robin

Peaceful dove

Pied butcherbird

Rainbow bee-eater

Red-backed fairy-wren

Red-backed kingfisher

Red-capped plover

Red-kneed dotterel

Red-necked stint (Great knot and Bar-tailed godwit)

Red-winged parrot

Royal spoonbill

Saurus crane (poor quality)

Scaly-breasted parrot

Silver gull


Spangled drongo

Straw-necked ibis

Striated heron

Striated pardalote

Terek sandpiper (Great knot, Grey-tailed tattler, Eastern curlew)

Varied honeyeater

Varied triller

White-bellied cuckoo-shrike

White-faced heron

White-throated honeyeater

White-browed crake

White-browed robin

Yellow honeyeater

With many thanks to birdguiders Alan Gillanders ( and John Seale (, and Birds Australia North Queensland (

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Christine said...

Your pictures are wonderful.

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